Why Use Organic

If you want to protect your body from harmful ingredients, you must check labels very carefully.

Many products may use the word “organic” yet many of these products contain small amounts of organic ingredients and the main ingredients are harmful,chemical compounds

The average adult is exposed to about 200 hazardous chemicals each day. These are commonly found in foods we eat, cosmetics and body care products that go on our skin and household cleaners.

Any cosmetics that are applied to the skin is absorbed very easily, including moisturisers, lipsticks, deodorants, hair conditioners, body washers and shampoos.  The chemical compound enters your blood stream and can cause disruption to your immune system.

There is reported evidence that children are exposed to these dangerous substances from a very young age, going back to newly born. Can you imagine the lifelong consequences of the next generation?

Exposure to toxic common chemicals  used in our bathroom and on a daily basis may be responsible for reproductive complication to allergies and cancers.

Synthetic aromas, known as Parfum, clog up your immune system and do the body harm with no benefit. They can make your skin look dry, tired and dull, causing your skin to age prematurely.

When choosing beauty products, always make sure that scents are derived from 100% natural ingredients. Essential oils are perhaps one of the best natural perfumes in the world and the most concentrated, as a little goes a long way.

Many herbal extracts provide antioxidants that can combat some free radicals.

When it comes to food and body care, always choose organic if possible so you can be sure you are doing yourself and the planet some good.

True beauty comes with glowing health.

Always maintain a nutritious and balanced diet, and look after your emotional well-being.