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I enjoyed using the PURE RADIANT SKIN RECOVERY to calm my rosacea and it also helped it feel super hydrated. I also just finished using the Wrinkle Magic NIGHT cream and was so happy. It firmed my skin and was luxurious to apply before bed. I love how the bottle is a pump which means I used up every last bit of the product.
ANA 08/2020
I had a problem with my heels and feet that was causing me sleepless nights, waking during the night to apply moisturiser because of the dryness and discomfort which has been going on for years. I have tried many healing balms that were recommended but nothing seemed to work. However, thanks to Josephine who introduced me to her wonderful Sea Buckthorn Balm and when I did apply it for the first night I slept very well. I am now applying it twice a day morning and night.I have also started using it on my hands as well with great results. If anyone has the same problem as me I highly recommend Sea Buckthorn Balm, and I am sure you will not regret buying it.
Both Barry and myself have been using several of the products for aprox 4 years. Barry mainly uses the night cream during the day as a day moisturizer and at night, he finds it great as it soaks in straight away and doesn't leave your skin greasy. I (Carolyn) had sensitive skin to most products, but from day one of using these products my skin has been brighter, less blotchy and smoother in texture. We both can't recommend these products enough more than happy. Thank you Josephine
Barry & Carolyn 01/21
I have been using Josephine’s products for quite a while and have noticed significant changes in my skin. I have been using the Anti- Oxidant Milk Cleanser that has Vit E, lavender and Rose Hip to shave with which works well and feels great. The other product I have been using is the Rose Intense Hydrating Cream on my face, twice a day. The little dry scaly bumps on my forehead has nearly completely gone. Thank You Josephine.
Ken H
Josephine has provided samples of her products for me to try. After using her products my skin feels replenished and now has a healthy glow. My favourite product is the Pure radiance Skin Recovery. This product has helped to heal scarring on my body as well as making my skin feel soft and alive. I highly recommend the whole skin care range. Thank you Josephine, your organic products are amazing.
The ROSE INTENSE moisturiser is one of my favourites. I have always had oily, acne prone skin but this moisturiser isn't too greasy. It is great to put on in the morning underneath cream foundation or powder and doesn't leave your face shiny.It seems to 'dry' well on my face and has a very subtle, lovely fragrance.I had a little sunburn on my arms over the holidays and after a day or two of using this, the redness subsided. The SEABUCK THORN BALM is a wonderful product for those fine lines under the eye area and around the mouth. It smooths in really well and a little goes a long way. It's very good for very dry skin and absorbs well overnight. The scrub is another one of my favourites, the tiny particles are just the right size, and not too large and abrasive, and so this scrub can safely be used as often as needed.It will truly leave your face soft and smooth and is good to use before applying the clay mask. My teenage daughter and I have different skin types and both have had success with the clay masks. It feels nice as it is drying on our skin and leaves it soft and supple. My daughter used it for her very oily skin and said it felt so much cleaner afterwards. I used it after a scrub and followed up with the rose intense moisturiser. The EYE CREAM was wonderful. I wish I had started this as soon as I saw evidence of crow's feet. Only a tiny amount is needed and it fully absorbs into the delicate eye area overnight and doesn't tingle or burn.
I was introduced to the Seabuck Thorn Balm and the Rose Intense Hydrating Cream as a test and provide feedback replacing the aftershave I was using which always had a drying effect on my skin. (Nice smell though). I had expressed my concern of any long term effect the potentially unsafe ingredients may have on my skin. I experimented alternating between the two products for a couple of weeks and favoured the Seabuck as a aftershave alternative as my skin seemed to remain smooth and moist for most of the day. Another product I was encouraged to try was the Australian Clay because I have sun damaged skin on my head that produced flaky skin and the occasional use of different types of other creams only helped marginally. What I found is the dryness was better controlled and at this early stage of applying a couple of weeks seemed to clear up for longer.
Incredibly nourishing night cream. It feels light when applied but leaves the skin moist, supple and youthful. It’s so exciting to find a high quality skin cream which is locally handcrafted AND organic. I love it!
I recently started using the ROSE INTENSE HYDRATING CREAM, and I was amazed at how in just one week my skin looked and felt. I have now been using this product for one month, and my Fine Lines have almost gone!. I have used a lot of different products over the years, and some being very expensive, and now I will most definitely being sticking with this product and trying the Day and Night cream next.
I have used Josephine's Manuka Kiss Lip Balm and have found it works well on dry lips. Very moisturising for long winter days. Worth the money
RUBY 08/2020
Last year I went to Cairns on a 3 week holiday. The weather was humid and tropical at the time and I was a bit concerned about my skin as it was dry and sensitive. I was introduced to Rose Intense which I took with me at the time. I found the product wonderful. Applying it morning and night it left my skin hydrated from inside to out, soon revealing a replenished, natural glow, chemically free as I was using a very natural product which was gentle on my skin with nil side effects. Felt like you had an expert facial everyday. Very happy with the product as I no longer have dry skin as Rose Intense helps to improve skin elasticity and softens the early signs of skin aging. I have had positive comments from family and friends how wonderful my skin looks so I can recommend it as it makes you feel 10 years younger and it keeps my skin very youthful.
I recently started using several Josephina products. It is reassuring to know that I am applying chemical - free products to my skin - and they smell divine! I have been especially impressed with the "dynamic duo" of PURE RADIANT SERUM and SILKY EYE GEL which I use both morning and night. The gel is cool and fresh and both products are absorbed easily with a gentle massage. It is a great feeling to start and finish each day with refreshed and rejuvinated skin.
Rose Intense Hydrating Cream - Superb moisturizer! This is one of my favorite giving me enough moisture through out the day and has become a "must -have " every day. The Antioxidant Milk Cleanser with Vitamin E this stuff is amazing ! I massage a small amount onto my wet skin morning and night and then rinse well with warm water, leaving my skin smooth , soft and fresh. I also use the PURE RADIANT SERUM daily this assists in keeping my skin hydrated around the eyes and since I've been using it my skin is looking younger with more elasticity. I love this product sooo much. The FLAWLESS SILKY EYE GEL - I apply a small amount of gel every day with my favorite PURE RADIANT SERUM and this helps with crows feet leaving my skin soft and energized. A little goes a long way. I have been using PURE RADIANT SKIN RECOVERY for 6 months now I've noticed the reduction of pigmentation and sun damage on my skin, also wrinkles are not as visible. I am getting lots of Compliment from my friends how wonderful my skin looks. ANTI-AGING HAND & NAIL CREAM- So good ! None greasy the smell of lemon grass is absolutely devine since applying it I've noticed dark spots on my hand is lightening. It is a beautiful anti-aging cream for your hands and a little goes a long way. The SEABUCK THORN BALM VITAMIN E- is excellent for very dry skin especially in winter for dry feet, arms and legs and have also used it with great success on my face. As I have oily-combo skin I have used many different brands and products over the years trying to find a solution with very little results. Josephine has introduced me to PASTEL PINK AUSTRALIAN CLAY and I have been using it on a weekly basis, all I have to do is add a little pastel pink clay in to a small bowl add a little water make a paste put it on my face leave for 10 minutes and then wash off, the results are amazing. I have noticed that my skin is looking healthier since I've been using Josephina Skin Essentials all natural products. I wish I found these products earlier.Good bye to harmful chemicals and hello to JOSEPHINA NATURAL PRODUCTS.