Wrinkle Magic Duo


The Perfect Duo for round-the-clock hydration and defence.


1 x Wrinkle Magic Advanced NIGHT Cream, to be used nightly.
2 x Wrinkle Magic Advanced DAY Cream, to be used daily.

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The perfect Duo for a daily and nightly skincare routine.

The Wrinkle Magic Day Cream has been specially formulated to be light with a non-persistent fragrance (to not interfere with your perfume of choice), and anti-aging, providing beautifully radiant skin during the day.

Then at night, the Wrinkle Magic Night Cream has been specially formulated to be a potent anti-aging cream that can repair your skin throughout the night. Wake up to a refreshed skin every morning with the night cream.

Together the duo work in combination to protect and turn back time 24hrs a day.

1 review for Wrinkle Magic Duo

  1. Yan Johnson

    They are great products and they have really nurtured my skin. I love them very much.

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