Rejuvenating Duo


The optimal duo to firstly cleanse and then exfoliate your skin to remove unwanted dirt, makeup, and dead skin cells. Creating the youthful radiant skin you are wanting.


1 x Antioxidant Soap-Free Cleanser with Vitamin E
1 x Renew Facial Exfoliator

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Step 1: Antioxidant Soap-Free Cleanser with Vitamin E
This soap-free cleanser provides nourishment while rejuvenating and cleaning your skin. Providing powerful antioxidants to encourage epidermal renewal with the additive Vitamin E that speeds up your cell regeneration. Sunflower and Rose Hip have been added to help balance your skin’s natural sebum.

Simply apply a small amount onto dry skin, massage in the soap-free cleanser, and then rinse.

The cleanser is so effective it helps to pick up and dissolve any dirt, make-up, and impurities on your skin.

Step 2: Renew Facial Exfoliator
Jojoba, Bamboo Beads and Papaya extract work to exfoliate your skin while the Calendula speeds up the cell renewal, giving radiant skin results.

Simply apply to face and neck and gently massage for 1-2 minutes and then rinse with warm water.


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