Manuka Kiss Lip Balm


Turn back time naturally!

10ml/0.35 fl oz

100% Natural

Formulated to have healing properties to soften and protect dry & chapped lips.



Sunflower oil*
Coconut oil*
Jojoba oil
Cocoa Butter*
Shea Nut Butter*
Evening Primrose oil*
Tocopherol (Natural Vitamin E)*

*Denotes 100% organic

2 reviews for Manuka Kiss Lip Balm

  1. Salome

    FANTASTIC natural, organic lip balm! I bought two lip balms about a year ago (markets) and have loved using them. I get chapped lips quite a lot, moreso during winter and this product has worked well in leaving my lips moisturised for hours. I’m working my way through my second little tub and will look forward in purchasing more soon.

  2. Ruby

    Works well on dry lips. Very moisturising for long winter days. Worth the money!

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