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Josephine Mills, creator of South Australian brand Josephina Skincare Essentials, is the author of popular ‘Back to Basics with Essential Oils’. See why she incorporates these importance natural oils into her organic skincare range, and how these oils can help benefit its users in so many other ways such as: soothing colds and flus, for hair, around the house, for weight loss, for children, for travelling, for first aid and for many other health benefits.


How important they could be as you go about your daily living?
Essential oils are the very essence of a plant. As such they have remarkable qualities-the ability to lift mood, ease stress, enhance immunity, relieve nausea, keep harmful bacteria and viruses in check.
It is my desire to share my passion of the value of Essentials Oils and how the use of them can be an effective and rewarding outcome in your journey towards better health and reaping the rewards their use can offer.
This e-book will help you understand the value and importance of essential oils and a wealth of information to guide you through their use.

Your Questions answered:

What are essential oils
How to use or apply the oils
Benefits of essential oils
Essential oils for Healthy Hair
Essential oils for Children
Essential oils and weight loss
Using oils around the house
Skin and body care


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