How Important Is A Skincare Routine & What Should It Look Like

Your skin is a complex organ and one of the largest you have. So naturally, you should look after it, especially as it is exposed to the environment every day… That is the sun/UV rays, chemicals, pollutants, and more…

So how can you protect your skin from premature aging, and stay youthful, and radiant for years to come?

The answer is with a skincare routine, which addresses the question above (“How Important Is A Skincare Routine”). In fact, it is very important as with a skincare routine you can:

  1. wash away the pollutants that accumulate on your skin. If they are left for long periods of time, they are potentially absorbed by your skin, where it can do harm to your collagen that provides that youthful look you love.
  2. remove dead skin which will encourage the rejuvenation process. Leaving and creating more youthful fresh looking skin.
  3. get some protection from the sun. Skincare products that contain natural ingredients like coconut oil in fact provides some SPF protection. Although, coconut oil only has an SPF of 1, it is still better than none. So if you are a person that receives indirect sunlight through windows etc… then this barrier can provide you with some protection throughout the day. And, as products like moisturisers are applied to your skin before makeup, it is important to note that the makeup provides some protection as well.
    Note: when exposed to direct sunlight, take precautions and use a high SPF lotion to protect your skin. 
  4. remove your makeup. At the end of the day, when you come home to relax and eventually go to bed, you most likely remove your makeup. However, with all these waterproof, run-free makeup products, they are harder to remove than simply wiping it with a wet cloth (and sometimes, even with makeup remover). This is where a cleanser can help clean your face and remove those little bits of makeup that didn’t quite come off with the makeup remover. 
  5. prevent acne. That’s right, when you use a skincare routine to remove the little bits of makeup, the pollutants, dirt, and excess oil on your skin, your pores are opened, cleansed, and unclogged… meaning less or no acne.
  6. prevent premature aging and turn back time. Many anti-aging serums, moisturisers, and more contain active ingredients that help protect you from UV rays, pollutants, and more that causes this premature aging… And, you can even turn back time – look younger, as these active ingredients help to firm and tone your skin.


So What Does A Skincare Routine Look Like?
Usually, it is a multi-stage process, and in all honesty, it does take a bit of time, but the rewards and your skin will love you forever if you keep it up.

At The Start Of Your Day
After having a good nights sleep, it is important to refresh and protect your skin for the day ahead. So
Step 1. Cleanse your skin with a cleanser
Step 2. Exfoliate your skin (not every day, but once every 3 days is good)
Step 3. After drying your skin, apply your daily moisturiser which is usually a light cream
Step 3. (Yep 3 again)… You can enhance your moisturiser with a few drops of anti-aging serum that when mixed together boosts its properties to become a more potent formula that helps your skin. 
Step 4. Then apply (or not) your makeup for the day.
Step 5. Enjoy your day.

night skin routine from josephina skin essentials

At The End Of Your Day
When you are heading to bed or not planning to head out for the rest of the evening, its time to do your night skin routine. So after removing your makeup (if you had some on)
Step 1. Cleanse your skin to remove all the dirt, pollutants, and oils that accumulated on your skin throughout the day.
Step 2. Use a face mask. Not necessarily every night, but once a week is good. Or, if you don’t want to exfoliate your skin in the mornings, now is the alternative time (not every day, but once every 3 days is good).
Step 3. 
After drying your skin, apply your nightly moisturiser which is usually a heavy cream as it contains an abundance of rejuvenating ingredients that restore and renews your skin throughout the night.
Step 3. (Yep, like before)… You can enhance your moisturiser with a few drops of anti-aging serum.
Step 4. Have a good nights rest.

Where Can I Get A Good Skin Routine
So all of this sounds a lot, and how do you know that the skincare products are working together rather than against each other? The answer is to use a skincare routine where the products have all been designed to work together such as one of the many Josephina Skin Essentials 
Skin Routines.

Start Of Your Day Skin Routine

At The End Of Your Day Skin Routine

And if you would like to add a clay face mask to the routine.

Pastel Pink Australian Clay Mask

Olive Green Australian Clay Mask

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