How Can I Reduce My Acne With Skin Care

Acne is the appearance of inflamed red bumps on the skin commonly known as pimples, and is the most common dermatological condition, affecting approximately 85% of teenagers from mild to severe conditions. It also occurs in some adults but often only occurs rarely to being a mild condition.

Acne is most commonly due to the accumulation of sebum, an oily secretion from sebaceous glands beneath the skin, that is blocked within the pore leading to potential infection within the pore. This creates the redness and discomfort you hate, and in some instances the whiteheads and blackheads you loathe. Most commonly known for occurring on your face, it can occur in severe cases on your back, chest and even legs.

how can I reduce my acne with josephina skin essentials

Acne sufferers often want to scrub their face, thinking that scrubbing helps to cleanse out the pores and reduce breakouts. This will only leave your skin red and irritated and can promote flare-ups making the acne even worse. Worse yet it can lead to permanent life-lonh scarring.

In order to reduce your acne, your body needs help with detoxing and you can achieve this by drinking plenty of water to keep not only your body hydrated but also your skin.

Proper skin care each day is important for acne, which means keeping the natural pH of your skin near neutral, relaxed, and clean from environmental impurities such as dirt, pollution and more. In removing the dirt that can build up on your skin, you should not vigorously scrub your skin as this will lead to irritation making it worse with a flare-up.

Instead, you should consider a cleanser that is gentle on your skin. With the right facial cleanser, you can reduce your acne condition, as some cleansers can be very aggressive. In fact, the thought use to be that you would treat your acne with hydrogen peroxide. A very harsh chemical that would aggravate your skin. Luckily, for all of us, we have had advances in the realm of skincare, and you can now maintain your skin in an even healthier way.

Using a natural cleanser can help reduce inflammation while gently removing those environmental impurities. Better yet, gently cleansing twice a day using lukewarm water can help remove the membrane that covers acne pimples. Allowing the pore to open up and the sebum to wash away, refreshing your skin. This creates the youthful-looking clean skin you have always wanted without the nasty sebum build-up that causes acne.

Other Ways To Reduce Acne

Avoid using thick greasy make-up and excessive washing as this can make acne worse. Also keep away from synthetic creams, lotions and ointments as they will clog the pores of your skin and cause breakouts. Also, don’t forget, do not use hydrogen peroxide as this harsh chemical can damage your skin and even potentially make the acne worse.

The Solution

So if you are not already using a cleanser or you need to change, then you should consider Josephina Skin Essentials range of cleansers, or even save on a cleanser & exfoliator duo to rejuvenate your skin even more.

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